About Ohayo Sunday Afternoon

Ohayo Sunday Afternoon is a pastiche. It follows Asao as he tries to live his dream of being a bancho (leader/boss).


1. How long will this comic be?
Very! It's episodic so it can keep going until I get bored. ^_^

2. I've been to Japan, and x/y/z isn't realistic!
This comic is all about what anime teaches us, it's not meant to be realistic. (Apologies)

3. That sounds like an excuse!
It's not! Really. I've never been to Japan, so I don't expect to create a realistic comic. However, I have a lot of manga and games, so wanted to make something like this as a tribute.

4. What do you draw with?
I use Deleter comic paper, with Pilot Color Eno pencils, and Pentel GFKP and super fine brush pens.


None yet. Check back soon.