14 Jan 2010

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Chapter 01 Page 25

soundslikebuuu 14 Jan 2010

Apologies for the not so great quality. Getting used to a looong commute. :D

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Theorah 15 Jan 2010

I didnt notice the difference at all! 0_0 Must be one of those things only the artist notices! At least you have a happier job now, right? :D

Chyo 15 Jan 2010

i am jumping up & down in my seat .. ohgosh cant wait to see what she can do @ v @ !

Volker 23 Jan 2010

Ahh looks so fantastic!! =D

magekotarou 05 Mar 2010

ahahaha are you into Cardcaptor Sakura? The twin's names are also the names of Sakura and her mother.