16 Nov 2009

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soundslikebuuu 16 Nov 2009

Wow, another week gone by already. o_o Soon it'll be Christmas! (Note that I start thinking about Christmas super early. We even bought some new lights for our living room.)

Thank-you to all the people who +faved my comic. :3

Ahh, I think I'm going to spend some time catching up on Bex's/Theorah's Illusional Beauty. X3

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krazykitty16 16 Nov 2009

you are welcome.

Tek-Man (Guest) 16 Nov 2009


i had to say it XD

Robinimmortal 17 Nov 2009

Congrats on the fans! ^___^
Whe you have a sizable chunk, will you be making a book of this bad boy?

Theorah 17 Nov 2009

lol so he thinks. I look forward to seeing who this character is.
wow congrats on getting 50 readers already, nice one! :D kehehheh thanks for subtly pimping my comic! XD I hope you enjoy it!