26 Oct 2009

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soundslikebuuu 19 Oct 2009

Page one! Welcome to my humble little comic.

Ohayo Sunday Afternoon will be updating on Tuesdays and Fridays from now. :D Let's hope I can keep up a schedule, yeah?

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3o-s-knight 27 Oct 2009

oh yes!!!

how exited am i!! I am so exited!!! xD
my first impression is honestly, what a great costume!! he reminds me of a train operator or somthing like that =D I look forward to updates <3

SuperKad 28 Oct 2009

You missed out the i in 'Yoshi!'~.

soundslikebuuu 28 Oct 2009

@SuperKad: Yosh is just yosh, is a feature not a bug. XD The 'i' tends to be omitted to distinguish it from the name Yoshi and make it easier for regular English speakers and internet people to understand. :D I guess it's a bit of a loan word so romanisation can be a bit patchy (like with words like sayonara) to make it easier to pronounce by dropping silent letters.

SuperKad 28 Oct 2009

Since when has yoshi become a loan word? o_o
As long as there is context, which this page already has, then there really isn't anyway that it could be mixed up, unless you're planning on naming a character Yoshi.. In that case, it'd still be down to context.

soundslikebuuu 29 Oct 2009

It's a loan word since the internet adopted it and adapted the spelling. XD TBH the aim is to make this comic as readable as possible for English speakers, so the spellings people are familiar with are more appropriate (likewise, there'll be no honorifics or anything.) Even the URL of this site is 'ohayo' instead of 'ohayou' because that is the more familiar spelling.

Anyway, I'm not going to argue. The finer points are pretty tedious.