09 Mar 2010

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Chapter 01 Page 35

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soundslikebuuu 09 Mar 2010

Better late than never :(

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.Poena. 09 Mar 2010

ah! this comic is so cuute!

Theorah 10 Mar 2010

Indeed you're right :D But its lovely to have an update anyway ^^
hawhaw I like her reaction, shes an interesting character.

kurozaki 02 May 2010

I don't think she was talking about flowers... oh well. I likies this comic.

Callie12 27 Jul 2010

this is awesome.
AHH! 5 months!... i'm betting this wont be continued but i really hope it does!

Regards 01 Sep 2010

This comic is SO CUTE!! <3333

jonasfx 11 Feb 2014

uwaaa~ this story has so much promise<3 I like what you've done up till here :)